Wounded Warriors Sled Hockey

sled-hockey-sheridan-media-01Hundreds of sports enthusiasts showed up Saturday as five physically challenged “Wounded Warriors” took to the ice at the M & M Ice Skating Center demonstrating hockey play on ice skating sleds.

Proving that it’s not a disability, but all about ability, Howard Fedden described how sled hockey works.

Strapped in a sled with ice blades underneath, hockey players navigate rink with a pair of shortened hockey sticks. Veteran Jeremy Steinmetz is not physically challenged but dressed up in hockey gear, said he was excited to give the sport a try.

The event was sponsored by Wyoming Chapter of the Halo for Freedom Warrior Foundation. “The organization provides support for wounded warriors as they face the many challenges they encounter during the rehabilitation, reintegration, and healing process.”


Referring Source for Article and Photos: SHERIDAN MEDIA






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