Learn to Skate Program   REGISTER FOR 2017/2018 PROGRAMS

The skating programs are designed for children in grades K-12 and adults.  The entire focus is on skating skills and having fun.  Each developmental level is comprised of various skating components.  The progression is structured for the skill development of all participants.  We offer instruction to participants interested in figure skating, recreational skating and competitive figure skating.  The skating programs include:

  • The Tot Program

The Tot program is designed for ages 3 to 5 years old.  It is designed to help children develop the preliminary coordination and strength necessary to maneuver on skates without the parent.

  • K-12 & Adult program

When students enroll in skating lessons, they are learning the fundamentals of figure skating and will automatically be enrolled in the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) Program.  A strength of the ISI instructional program is the logical progression of skill development, whereby skills learned in each level build on skills achieved in the preceding level.  Example:  Pre-Alpha one-foot glides are needed before Alpha forward stroking and forward crossovers, which rely on one foot gliding, can be learned.  We will offer classes for the following levels:  Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Freestyle.  There are some classes that are only open to skaters of a certain level.

  • Ice Show

The Ice Show Session is for students of all ages and abilities to showcase their skating skills. Students will be grouped by ability and learn a choreographed group routine to perform in the spring Ice Show. It is a great introduction to skating in front of a crowd and an opportunity for family and friends to cheer on their skater.

Class Times:

    • K-12 Lessons:    Tuesday 4:30-5:00  or  Saturday 12:30-1:00
    • Adult classes:   Tuesday 5:00-5:30
    • Tot class (3-5 years old):   Tuesday 4:00-4:30  or  Saturday  12:30-1:00

Competitive Figure Skating

Competitive Figure Skating is for the students who would like to expand their skating skills. It is necessary that skaters master backward crossovers before moving into the competition level. Along with regional competitions, the skaters also have a solo in the Ice Show. Please talk to Emily about moving from lessons into competitive figure skating (figureskating@sheridanice.org)