Whitney Rink on track for Christmas completion

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SHERIDAN— Every day, the walls that make up the soon-to-be Whitney Rink at the M&M’s Center grow higher and higher.

Sheridan on Skates board members say they are hopeful the new indoor ice rink will be completed by Christmas. Construction on the arena began in March 2015. When finished, the arena will be approximately 35,000 square feet including the existing pad of ice and eight locker rooms to accommodate both figure skating and hockey programs and coaches and officials.

“It’s going spectacularly,” Sheridan on Skates board president Charley Whiton said. “All of the construction has been real great; it’s been a pleasure doing business with (the contractors).”

Wyoming-based Groathouse Construction is managing construction on the arena.

Around 50 percent of the contractors who are working on the building are local, and Sheridan on Skates Vice President Dan Carlin is more than pleased with their work. Unseasonably wet conditions near the end of May caused construction crews to fall slightly behind schedule during the early parts of the summer. But contractors have made up that time during the warmer months and have put the rink back on track for a December completion.

Whitney Rink is being constructed and will be maintained through the years with an ongoing $6 million campaign.

The construction schedule is primarily dependent on the speed the brick can be placed. The past few weeks, significant progress has been made on walls to the north, west and east, and crews are beginning to build the southern walls of the arena. Those walls will encompass the area around the ice.

The next major expansion will be an additional wall to the east of the building, which will become the locker room.

Construction on the arena will cause the puck to drop a little later than usual, Carlin said. However, the indoor rink will allow programs to extend into the late spring.

“The good thing is that we will be going until April,” Carlin said. “We will have the same length of season, it will just get moved by a few weeks.”

While there are still many months of work left on the project, board members are excited about the future of Sheridan ice sports in the new arena.

“I think it’s going to be just a really nice-looking building and real asset to the community,” Whiton said.

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